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The ‘Hashtag’ And How it Influences Your Audience’s Mindset

on March 18, 2013

We all remember as children calling up the operator and listening to “Dial 1 for account status, dial 2 for Account assistance, dial 9 for the customer care executive, Press hash to return to Main-menu”. But in today’s day and time that very symbol has transfigured into a Social Sensation. The hash-tag represented by ‘#’ represents an entire idea within the purview of a few characters and directs you to a page with everyone else’s take on it. It takes you to pages online with a huge source of data of like-minded people putting forth views on that topic. E.g. “#Twitter” will take you to places online where everyone’s talking something about Twitter.

But where did the hashtag come from?

creative hashtag ideasThe story has it that in August 2007 a designer named Chris Messina, used the first hashtag called #barcamp on Twitter to bundle conversations on global technology at a conference called Barcamp. Evan Williams, founder of twitter thought hashtags were too nerdy to go mainstream but this was way back then. Today the story is somewhat different.

Where is it used?

What started off as a widespread phenomenon on Biz Stone and Evan William’s Twitter, has now spread to many Social Media platforms across the digital space. To name a few, hashtags are used in

Instagram : The photo sharing hub which enables a user to add design filters.

Pinterest : The site that uses a hashtag to conduct a search on the word after the ‘#’ symbol .

Google+ : It helps you find Posts that use these hashtags and direct you to the respective Google community page.

creative hashtag ideas

Twitter : Takes you to a page where people have used it to describe various ideas in relation to the primary hashtag.

Facebook : A huge debate in the Digital space on hashtag use in Facebook has spurred but with Facebook’s new graph search, using hashtags will prove to be an efficient optimization strategy for businesses and the likes.

The question now arises whether hashtags are an effective tool or not?
The answer, most definitely is a YES and to further elaborate the clout a hashtag has on a user’s thought process.


Why are hashtags such an effective tool?

  •  Hashtags promote your business and the product and services it offers.
  •  It gives direction to a user’s thought process.
  •  It creates an identity for your brand / campaign.
  •  A catchy hash-tag is remembered for a long time.
  •  This in turn helps you garner a wide follower base.
  •  It keeps followers coming back for more.
  •  Carefully crafted hashtags help you appear higher on searches.

What are the hashtags that usually appeal the most to an audience?

A successful Hashtag ideally

  • Is creative.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Brings out the message almost immediately.
  • Is descriptive of the brand promoting/using it.
  • Is catchy and innovative.
  • Is relevant to the social media campaign.

Another vital point worth mentioning is the number of hashtags used. Research suggests the use of two relevant hash tags is more than enough and gives a substantial reach to your tweets.

Some examples of the most efficiently used hashtags: 

  • #WarningsAlcoholLabelsShouldHave by Escobar to promote their “Hangover Fridays”
  • #IfDonutsCouldSpeak by Mad Over Donuts.

Hashtags like these ensure a good reach and speak about the underlying message as well.Enterprise Social MediaEnterpriseSocialMedia
So, the next time you’re connected to the telephone operator, we know what will pop into your mind when the word hash is used. Tell us what hashtags you have seen across Social Media platforms that caught your mind? We’d love to hear from you.

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