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Content Marketing – the New Buzzword

on April 2, 2013

Content Marketing – the New BuzzwordBusinesses all across the globe have finally woken up to the importance of content marketing and it certainly is about time. What used to be nothing more than a deliberate attempt to stuff in the “right” keywords to fool search engines into getting a good ranking for the website has now been rendered redundant by Google’s ever evolving algorithms, designed to deliver results that are high on value and relevance.  No longer do writers have to choose between writing SEO friendly content and one that will find appeal with readers, as Google’s sophisticated algorithms ensure that the results they show coincide exactly with the tastes of the audience. So if you want visibility for your brand, then you have to make good content your priority.

Content Marketing – the New BuzzwordWhat is content marketing and how does it help?

Content marketing is the process of engaging with your existing and target audience by providing them with meaningful, relevant and interesting information that is in tune with the pulse of what people want to read about. It is all about generating unique content that arouses the interest of the readers and slowly but surely establishes a rapport of familiarity which then gives way to trust in your brand and credibility in the service it offers. Content marketing is a slow, time consuming process, that requires extensive research into market trends, keeping up to date with the latest developments and gaining insights into the why and how of the industry that your brand represents. Impressive, thought provoking content should therefore the cornerstone of the marketing strategy of every business as it reflects the company’s expertise and represents its brand ideology.

Smart content marketing drives greater trust by making people feel connected to your brand and converts them from being casual readers to interested buyers and finally into brand loyalists and ambassadors. The number of brand loyalists you succeed in creating will be a measure of the success of your business in the market. Well-crafted content becomes a wealth of knowledge that continues to reap benefits for several years, becoming a veritable asset for the business in the true sense of the word.

Appraising your content

You could do an appraisal of your content by asking the following questions:-

  • Would it be useful for your potential customers? Does it answer the questions they are asking?
  • Does it provide sufficient information to the readers to be able to take an informed decision?
  • Does it steer clear of being overtly self-publicising and sales oriented?
  • Does it effectively highlight benefits to customers?
  • Is it stimulating enough to encourage people to share/bookmark/comment and make repeated visits to the site?
  • Is it high on quality and professionalism that would be able to capture viewers’ attention for a longer time?

A few pointers to creating great content

Making it thought provoking: Writing content that is evidence of your solid industry know-how that forces readers to think deeper and offers insights that are new to them.

Keeping it current and latest: Be the first to respond to the latest news and happenings in your industry, adding the views that your business supports, along with inviting readers to share their opinions.

Using the “soft sell” technique: This doesn’t have a direct hard sell angle to it but rather uses a more subtle approach. It consists of elaborating on a unique problem/difficulty and then offering a solution to it which could be a product/service that your business has specially devised. Such a strategy clearly demonstrates your expertise, making you stand apart from your competitors.

Flaunting your command over the topics you write on: Write about what you have specialised in as readers respect websites that give authentic, insightful and expert knowledge on the information they seek. Use your authority on the subject to bust popular myths and clear misplaced notions that people may commonly harbour.

If practiced correctly, content marketing can become a channel to establish thought leadership for your business, build a vibrant online presence and gain that decisive edge over your competitors. It can be effectively used to start communities, introduce new concepts and as a platform to discuss and debate about the hottest topics relevant to the industry at that time. A systematic, well planned content marketing strategy steadily takes you closer to achieving your real business objectives.

Content Marketing – the New BuzzwordTherefore, although content marketing is something that needs time, creativity and dedicated efforts, it is a sound long term investment that is going to fetch you great returns. Original and eye catching content is key to winning credibility amongst your target audience that is pivotal to turning them into loyal customers. So when it comes to online marketing, content reigns supreme and looks all set to rule the roost for a long time to come!

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