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8 Uber Cool YouTube Features you may not have known about

on April 4, 2013

Since 2005 the world of internet savvy and non-internet savvy beings of the 21st century have pledged allegiance to the video deity YouTube. A congregation of every single thing the world has to offer is found here on YouTube, but in an audio-visual format. Over the years it has attracted an insurmountable number of people and consistently added YouTube features has motivated users to keep coming back.

YouTube introduced YouTube channels for artists and the likes to promote and showcase their talent. This served as an effective platform for them to reach out all the more.

All of these cumulative efforts over the years has uplifted YouTube as a brand to a pedestal declaring it the 2nd largest Search engine with only Google to supersede it. That being said YouTube in its efforts to sustain its supremacy consistently keeps adding features a few of which we may not have even heard of. So let’s begin.

1.Feather Mode: We all come across instances where the internet is having a slow day and streaming a YouTube video with a large amount of data will make it even worse. Enter Feather Mode. It essentially eliminates all the irrelevant data and streams only the video. It achieves this by  limiting the features available to the viewer reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser.



2.Check Your YouTube Speed: This site gives the user a platform to compare their current speed with others in the area be it in their city or state and even other countries. It graphically gives you average speed in Mbps.


youtube speed test

3.Editor: Remember how before uploading a video we used Windows Movie Maker and other tools to edit parts of the video we didn’t require. YouTube’s taken good care of that with the YouTube Editor. They want to ensure you never leave the site in the midst of your videoing spree.



4.Leanback:  As the title suggests YouTube Leanback gives the user a chance to sit back and relax as favourite videos play one after the other. YouTube gets and idea of what you like through your subscriptions, likes and feeds in general. To extend the relaxation experience the only controls here are the arrow keys on the keyboard for navigation. Goes without saying that the user must be logged from his/her account.




5.Tube Radio: Mirroring the iTunes radio YouTube provides for a radio with a great collection of music that is sourced from YouTube itself. The user can create their own playlists for future listenings.


youtube radio


6.Watch Later: A simple “clock” sign to the left hand side of the volume control on the video enables the user to view the video later if unable to view it at the present moment.


youtube watch later


7.YouTube Gadget: The ultimate marketing weapon that provides for a YouTube widget on the brand/artist’s website directing it to their YouTube channel. This shows how well spread the brand is on the social field and also ensures traffic to YouTube.


youtube widget
8.Stabalize Your Videos – A feature designed especially for those amateur movie makers with not the best recording equipment. This helps the user to get a stable video with a non-shaky output to make the video look viewable.



Hope you’re YouTube experience changes after reading this. Also do tell us what additional YouTube features you have come across. We’d love to hear from you.

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