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Facebook Home And all you need to know about cover feeds, chat heads and more

on April 12, 2013


facebook home

It’s an app. It’s a phone. No! It’s the new kid on the block, Facebook Home. And it’s here to take over your lives in a way that you would love. Literally! The grand announcement of The Facebook Home for Android is exactly what the buzz around the tech world about Facebook’s new phone was all about. But it’ not a handset nor is it a physical device. So if it isn’t really a phone then it’s just another Facebook app, right? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to prove wrong in the next 2 minutes of you reading this. After Facebook’s evangelist Graph Search, the ingenious team cantered at Menlo Park, California devised a program that is set to side track everything on your phone and have Facebook at the helm i.e. the center of it. This device is called the Facebook Home and it is the first thing you see on your phone. In fact it places itself in a way that you can see its features on the Locked screen. So let’s begin with its core features to give you an idea of the experience you’re in for.


A. Cover Feed

This is synonymous to your news feed on Facebook and displays stories as they happen in an interface that makes the story come alive. It includes activities of your friends, pictures uploaded by them, links shared by them, pages they have liked, all in a unique scrollable screen. And if you want to like an image or a story simply double click on the screen. See for yourself



The best part about this is you are using it even when the device is in locked mode. So imagine what happens when you can finally enter in.


B. Unlocked Screen

So let’s move on to opening the screen. Now, your profile picture appears in the bottom centre of the screen at all times. Clicking on it shows up 3 options, one on the top, one left and the third on the right, and one of them is that of the application page. In order to unlock the phone and move in to the apps you simply drag your profile photo to the apps and voila! You are on your regular Androids User Interface as though Facebook Home never existed. Want to see how it works?



C. Notifications

So what happens to my notifications you ask? Simple. On unlocking your screen they appear in tabs on the home screen and keep appearing as the happen. To go into a particular story bought up by a notification simply long press on it and it’ll take you to the story. To get rid of it simply swipe it away and you are back to where you began. Here’s a video explaining how.



D. Chat heads

Although the name may make you to chuckle a bit there’s an extremely plausible reason to it being called that. They’re actually heads/mini sized profile pictures of conversations with your friends that appear on the top right of your screen. They also appear when you are in another app thus taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. Does this mean it monopolizes your screen? Not quite. You can click on the chat head reply and move out of it instantaneously and continue with what you were doing. Here’s a sneak peak of how.



So by now we take it that u have a fair idea of what Facebook Home’s all about. But did you notice this. The oh so inventive team at Facebook has structured your phone into layers.

• The locked blank screen

• The Facebook Home on the locked screen

• The apps in the unlocked screen

• And finally the phone itself


facebook home layers


These layers define the phone and majorly comprises of everything from the original User Interface to the Facebook Home.

In addition the HTC First will be the first phone with Facebook Home already installed inside it and it will also be separately available in the Android market from April 12th onward.

If you feel Facebook Home will eat away your time and not let you use your phone then that’s a bit unfair of a judgement. A simple long press on the bottom button on the phone directly takes you to the Google Play/ The user interface on the phone and you can access the apps and widgets like on the normal phone.

Other than this you can also access Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram directly from Facebook Home.

Hope this helped you in moving an inch closer to Facebook’s new ‘phone’. Do write back to us and also watch out for related articles on Facebook Home and what it means for you as a user.

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