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Tips on facebook marketing tools and techniques

on May 6, 2013

After unmasking YouTube’s unknown features we now bring to you a set of Facebook marketing tools that Social Media agencies and companies across Mumbai and India use extensively. Facebook, an integral part of our lives has dominated the social space for a substantial period in modern times and yet the average user, though logging in more than once a day seldom comes across these exceptionally significant facebook marketing techniques
So what are these Business relevant Facebook facts that support your business?

1. Facebook Edgerank

This is a marketing tool which in its essence is a concept directly related to the level of engagement a brand generates with their Target Audience online and thus they must strive to increase it to the maximum.
Facebook Edgerank is a simple algorithm that adds up the Affinity, Weight and Time Decay factor. Simply put

Affinity substantiates the level of interaction of the client/user with the brand age. If the user comments, posts, tags and likes posts and stories on your brand, your brands Edgerank increases automatically on the users newsfeed.
This ensures that you come up more often on the user’s newsfeed.

Weight is a score given to the level of interaction i.e. a comment carries a higher score than a Facebook share and a share scores higher than a simple Facebook like. The weights are allocated as a result of the level of engagement and involvement of the action.

Time Decay is simply the time at which the post was updated till the time the user saw it and thus the importance of perfect-time scheduling.

An effective strategy using the Edgerank element increases the exposure by over 5x and almost all Social Media agencies use this to analyse and compile client statistics.

facebook marketing tools

2. Time Gap

facebook marketing tools

targeted facebook page post

A special mention of the time gap as a facebook marketing tip stems from the aligned importance of ‘timing’ of the post. Research suggests that 11 am and 7 pm are the most appropriate times to put up a post as maximum number of people use Facebook then. Now, for a brand that bears a market share on a global platform, creating a singular post may not target the entire audience all at once due to the existing difference of time zones. 7 pm in Mumbai may mean 2.30 pm in the UK.
A simple strategy using Facebook features is scheduling the posts and filtering the location to match the appropriate time zone.

3. Facebook Targeting:

Why struggle and worry about your content reaching wrong audiences without the use of facebook marketing tools when you get to choose who gets to read your coveted data and creative content. Filter the viewers on the basis of

• Gender
• Relationship status
• Educational status
• Interested in: men or women
• Age
• Location
• Language

This ensures that your efforts have targeted the fitting audience and in turn help you monitor the leads generated through the social space.

facebook marketing tools

Facebook Targeting

4. Promoted posts:

facebook marketing tools

Promoted Post

According to you how many amongst those who have liked a brand page happen to see the regular everyday posts by the brands? Shockingly 8% – 10% only.
There has to be a way to ensure you get more visibility right? Well there is a great facebook marketing technique that enables you to place your Facebook post higher up the ladder and it stays at the top of a viewer’s newsfeed for a long time. These are called ‘Promoted’ posts and they come at a cost starting from $5 and higher the cost promises a larger reach. The user simply clicks the promote button or ‘Boost this post’ button and it will automatically generate an ad so as to ensure it appears higher on the newsfeeds and garners more visibility.

So there you have it. 4 little known features that a very small number of agencies and businesses use for them to flourish on the online space. Read more about Facebook and the ingenious Facebook graph search. Did the above mentioned features help you gain a deeper insight into the diverse world of Facebook?

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