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Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

on July 2, 2013

Google Reader Alternatives go blitzkrieg on the online RSS reader space with the shocker of a news hitting the market months ago. The Big story News:- Google Reader  joins Google’s Graveyard, the alley of ideas from the past, as the hottest new member to its family and heaps up the pile leaving the world of online readers in disarray. Or Does it? With the phasing out of Google’s premier RSS Reader, an entire ecosphere of host clients came to the fore to dominate the new market and gain supremacy in a world flooded with starved readers. In the light of this we identify and speculate a few big and to be big names that could become frontrunners in the race to the top.

The following 5 names are curated:-

1. Feedly


Feedly Reader Google Reader Alternatives

By far the most accurate Google Reader alternative, with features and elements exactly like that on the Google reader.
Feedly gives you a list to the left with a complete set of options from:-
• The recent most updates for the day
• Blog Posts you follow
• RSS links you’ve subscribed to
• Links saved for later
• Recently Read
• And an index to view a consolidated list of all of the above

Add in a theme there too to make your reader come to life.
You can add in multiple RSS links with the +Add Content icon on the top
The learning curve to Feedly is relatively flat and the intricacies of its interface can be picked up within minutes. All in all it is a great RSS Google Reader alternative.

2. Flipboard 2.0


Flipboard Reader Google Reader Alternatives

For the smart phone savvy user, Flipboard tops the list with an interface most likely to captivate the reader into addiction.
It is set in background that lets you skip through articles and categories by quickly flicking the smart phone screen from down moving upwards.
Flipboard lets you pick your categories ranging from:
• Technology
• Sports
• News
• Politics
• Trending topics worldwide
• The Content Guide, which highlights the best blogs and photography with specially curated sections from the best columnists across the world, etc.

The magazine enables you to flip through topics you like, hashtags, people, blogs and your favourite sites all in a beautiful magazine format.
Further, create your own magazine with the newest version Flipboard (2.0) and share your magazine with it too being the editor of your own curated magazine.

3. Digg Reader


Digg Reader Google Reader Alternatives

The newest kid on the block, Digg reader with only 72 hours into its operation curates dynamic data and breaks down the popular most stories from the RSS reader. It’s design is simple in comparison to its counterparts.
It can be used to setup connections to your Pocket, Instapaper and Readability accounts for you to view the content later.
The “Mark as unread” and “View as unread only” feature isn’t available but as told by developers, the feature is on its way.

4. Curata


Curata Reader Google Reader Alternatives

The brainchild of Curata Inc., a world leader in content curation demonstrates itself as a simple Google Reader alternative and focuses on the sole purpose of the utility – reading.
Though launched in its beta version it has accumulated thousands of readers filling in millions of RSS links for their ease.
It digs in deep to give out the most relevant data that the user would like to read.

5. Pulse


Pulse Reader Google Reader Top 5 Alternatives

Graphically the best Google reader alternative, Pulse is a magazine-style RSS accumulator presenting data in tile formats with pictures and the headline in the app.
Exposing you to otherwise hidden material Pulse takes your search criteria and looks at Facebook pages, the web, Tumblr, and Flickr groups to find out content from deep inside.
The categories are displayed in a shining black bar with names of subscriptions contained within it and with a single touch you can share all your data across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and email and send to Instapaper, Read it Later, Evernote all in one tap.

So, which one are you going to use? And if you weren’t a reader will these new changes in the market bring in a change in your reading habits?

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