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Top 10 Social Media Tips for Recruitment Agencies

on July 5, 2013


Top 10 Social Media Tips for Recruiting Agencies

Social Media for recruiting agencies? And how is that supposed to work? Yes, Passion and Commitment, Planning and Executing, the right research and the likes are all essential. But we already know that don’t we? So where is all the juicy stuff? The things that actually matter more than the generic marketing jargon that’s being going about the market for years? The subsequent facts that follow will elaborate just that with accurate social media tips.

Visibly the first thing that comes to mind when recruiting agencies take to the online space is social media and within that LinkedIn, once you dig deeper into the burrow. These agencies today don’t exploit the potential available to them to the fullest and eventually find themselves in a pickle. Here’s a few tips on what can help them putting in minimal effort


LinkedIn for recruitment

1. Talent brand Index: Benchmark yourself and compare against your peers in the industry to know how you’re performing. This measures the magnitude of people engaging with your brand and the reach it gets. This could mean anything from your profile being viewed to a job being applied for. It is a direct indicator of you’re recruitment through LinkedIn.

2. Talent Finder: The ultimate search for the recruiter, Talent finder lets you access every single LinkedIn profile be it a 2nd degree or 3rd degree connection. Instead of the candidates searching for you can go out and look for fresh talent that exactly fits your criterion. Talent Finder offers premium search filters with focus on years of experience, industry, company and a lot more. The InMail feature allows you to send direct mailers with your job vacancy to promising candidates.

3. Search for keywords: Identify the core skills that your job requirement calls for and search for exactly those words. LinkedIn in detailed looks up the profile of best candidates and you find the exact match

4. Linkedin Groups: A very powerful tool is groups that talk about the job you are posting. For instance if you are looking for job candidates in the healthcare industry, a LinkedIn group of medical college based students is the best place to look. Starting a discussion and joining an already existent one both are operative in the real sense for social hiring.

5. Sponsored jobs: With a premium price and least effort source the right talent by placing job vacancies across LinkedIn and target people identifying passive talent. This form of Job postings gather you more applications.

6. Be found easily by adding correct keywords: The reverse procedure works just as effectively by adding the correct keywords to your profile. Know what the best candidates online are searching for and make conscious attempts to appear everywhere they look.

Facebook for recruitment

7. Facebook Directory pages: The yellow pages of Facebook gives you access to the entire list of people on Facebook and the very same can be done for pages and places too to look for candidates in those pages.

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Recruiting Agencies 2

8. Facebook Market place: A key feature of this the ability to post a job without cost on this platform. The ad requires basic information such as location, job category, subcategory, title, why you need to fill this position, description. Add in an image for the extra push.

9. Facebook Ads: A level better than market place but availed at a cost, these ads come in ranges of sponsored ads, premium ads and stamp ads and you can target the ads to people using demographics, age, gender and the results for your job postings are remarkably better and help in accumulating more applications and a database.

10. Facebook Brand pages: Creating a brand page that consistently posts data is an eminent method of social recruiting to reach out to the right people. This combined with ads portrays a stronger brand image and gathers more fans thereby higher visibility of the content posted.

That’s Social Media hiring in agencies for you. Did this blog post help you? Do comment below with your feedback.

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