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Google Plus Features And What You Ought To Know About It

on August 12, 2013

Google Plus Features


Google the ingenious mastermind that took control of the task of thinking on our behalf many years ago has now branched out and created online spaces representing almost everything that defines us. There’s Google Search to find what we need to, YouTube to see what we need to, the Google Play Store to play what we need to, the Google Drive to document what we need to and then came along Google Plus a place where everyone needed to be. And the Google plus features that are illustrated below will tell you exactly why.

Riding on the back of the search engine dominance it enjoys, Google created the social networking platform – Google Plus that entails fine nuances of what our online social life comprises of that visibly draws the line between itself and its other major competitor. It demonstrates features that will lure you into its inventive artistry of an online social space.


So what are these features that you must know?

As a social network Google Plus, that started off in 2011 has evolved to include over 400 million active users. The commonalities of social networking like friends in your circle, communities that you follow, exploring your interests, hashtags to define a theme etc. have all been consciously encompassed into its massive container of features. But here’s where the fun starts.

The Canny Creativity Of The Google Plus Features


Circles: Circles are spaces where you add people that can be categorized as Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following. These enable you to share content specifically to selected groups without worrying about data being exposed to the wrong people like a relative or your boss etc.

Google “Picks”: Google ‘picks’ people and puts them into groups such as “Entertainment” or “Fun & Interesting”  based on the fame and level of activity of the people. You can add these entire pre-selected circles or individual people to collectively get updates.

Interface and transitions: Image transitions are as creative as ever and the interface is slick and captivating, that makes for an enjoyable experience.

Image editing:  A very well crafted Google Plus feature that integrates the mobile device image editing application ‘Snapseed’ to lend its features to create the best image effects like colored images, text on image, playing around with the exposure and light etc.

Google Plus Features

Hangout: A great way to communicate with your friends through video conferencing with Hangout enabling more than just one person, chat with them and use emoticons as your conversations come to life.

Gif: Admit it, we’ve all wanted these kind of images on our profiles and Google plus finally allows you to add in a gif image into your profile and posts.


Google Plus Features


Circle Count: The circle count  helps you better understand G+ and you will find a lot of statistics about your profile on Google+ and helps you understand the ‘connections’ you have more efficiently.


Google Plus Features


Rich snippets: This feature works in your favour especially to gain visibility, add a photo on an article that you wrote and this will appear in the universal Google searches. +1 (what you can call the Facebook equivalent of a ‘like’),  what you see on Google Plus so that it comes up in your friends searches demonstrating their friends have liked. Add in a screenshot of a video you added on YouTube. All of these enable higher visibility and better ranking.


Google Plus Features


Finally if all of the above wasn’t enough Google Plus Features include integration to your Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome and Google Play accounts as well.

Research states that sharing on this power packed, feature rich social network of Google Plus will overtake that of its arch nemesis Facebook by 2016. What do you think about this?

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