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Twitter Adds Related Headlines to Help Deliver News Better

on August 22, 2013

Twitter Related HeadlinesTwitter adds Related Headlines to help deliver news better – The micro-blogging service Twitter, on Monday 19th August 2013, announced the addition of “Related headlines” giving the users an opportunity to take a peek at the larger picture. The related headline as a concept gives more space for the readers to understand the story behind a tweet.

How does this work:

Related headlines which was introduced in July this year can be seen from the tweet’s permalink page. This feature that allows listing and linking of the embedded tweet to relevant websites, enables people to learn and understand more about the tweets that they read. By clicking on the related headlines, it will provide the reader with an entire back story, which is an added benefit for the reader since the immediate information may not be available on twitter alone.

How does it benefit:

The benefits of related headlines may not be reaped by everyone. However, for the public figures, celebrities, and the media companies, it could prove to be advantageous. Since their tweets get more visibility, the media outlets and blogs tend to report their stories almost immediately giving the user/reader whatever additional information is required for the tweet to be understood. In other words, there is an extra sharing of stories from the embedded tweets.

The attachment of links are not yet specific to any tweet as of now leaving the user with no control over his/her tweets, nonetheless we hope that in the future twitter will come up with additional options that can be managed manually.

According to Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, the motive behind this addition is to be able to track and monitor the events while it’s happening or to catch up right after. This enhancement will lead to better experiences for the users and make the navigation much easier.

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