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Facebook Partners with Shutterstock to offer Advertisers Access to Free Stock Images

on August 23, 2013

In what looks to be yet another innovative strategy to ensure that it remains a favourite among the one million businesses who actively advertise on Facebook,  it announced yesterday 22/8 that it has struck a deal with Shutterstock which will provide advertisers with access to free stock images for ads. Marketers will now be able to choose the photo that best matches their campaign from among millions of high quality images thus boosting the visual appeal of the ads. It’s the small businesses who are most likely to benefit from this as they usually do not have the means to access great high quality pictures. This appears as an especially smart move that is all set to prove a win-win situation for all. Rather than let ads with mediocre images fill viewers’ homestreams and run the risk of putting them off, Facebook’s new feature will please everyone – marketers, fans, potential customers, along with making Facebook appear more interesting and dynamic.

New Tab “Stock Images”

Thanks to Facebook’s new partnership with Shutterstock, advertisers will soon see a new tab – “Stock Images” in the Ad Creator tool from where they could instantly choose from over 25 million high quality images to spruce up their ads.

Facebook Partners with Shutterstock to offer Advertisers Access to Free Stock Images

[Image courtesy Mashable]

Uploading multiple images

Using the new image uploader, advertisers will also have the opportunity to create multiple ads for a single campaign by uploading a range of pictures, and then select the one that best matches the tone of the ad and the message to be conveyed. This feature seems sure to be a hit with marketers as it will enable them to craft the perfect ad that will go a long way in enhancing the performance of their campaign.

The new mobile page app

Facebook has incorporated some features into its mobile pages app on popular request from its users. Page admins can upload multiple photos from their mobiles while they are on the go, while even being able to add new admins and control their settings. Android users would be able to tag users in comments and IOS users will now have the facility to create pages and events from the IPhones or IPads.

This collaboration with Shutterstock is likely to become official by next week from when the new functionality would be made available to brands who market on Facebook. This feature will without doubt boost the loyalty of its advertisers and ensure that Facebook retains and expands its already huge business potential.


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