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7 social media tips for travel agencies online

on August 28, 2013

social media tips for travel agencies online


Is social media a fitting category for travel agencies?Should they be on it like a fisherman in his boat during hunting season? Let’s find out. The travel space and industry renders one of the most exquisite landscapes to reach out to its world of travellers. This exotic space in the land of destination marketing offers even a wider base for its enthusiasts here online. Playing around with graphics, highlighting the dream destination and making for a serene experience merely by looking at the other side of your screen can get you hankering for a much needed touring break.

So what can travel agencies do in adopting the practice of social media for their course of marketing?

Understandably platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest would be at the forefront in spearheading your digital strategy. But what travel agencies do within the realm of the above social channels is what sets the better apart from the best.

1) Travel Pictures speak louder than any other form of pictures

Not when you compare it to delectable, mouth-watering food of course but otherwise, when you present a tranquil scene of the Gondola boats in Venice or the endless green valleys of the Swiss alps, you fans and followers are sure to make a stop and take a look.


social media tips for travel agencies online  

2)  Show-off your associations

Every Travel agency has multiple affiliations with 5-star hotels, Airlines and transport companies along with many more. Go ahead and flaunt it and do it in a way that establishes your credibility as a trusted partner in your client’s travel voyages.

social media tips for travel agencies online


3) Encourage the “We appreciate your reviews?” question 

For travel agencies a customer’s repeat purchase is of prime importance and by encouraging feedback and wholesome reviews of the trip, it will work in your favour for further establishing a strong consumer connect. Actively engage tourists who have come back from they’re trip. This makes them brand advocates especially when they have thoroughly enjoyed the trip and in case of a negative feedback, that can always be used to make changes to the service offerings.


social media tips for travel agencies online


4) The Emotional Connect

“A Great man once said…”; Establishing the emotional connect always gets a prospective traveller thinking. And the thought provoked is like a spark that ignites the fire within, to venture on a new expedition, a tour, a holiday.


social media tips for travel agencies online


5)  It’s a deal! 

Travel agencies can adopt social media to make its offerings through deals and creative content. Add in an image of the place that has a deal on it, make it look good and voila! You just got yourself a few more leads for your tour deal. Have them act as evangelists who spread positive word of mouth and you have a few leads more. Every traveller loves paying less to enjoy more and when you provide that comfort, make every bit of it count, literally!


social media tips for travel agencies online


6) Gamify your social media strategy  

Imagine a board game played online on Facebook that earns you Kilometres in form of money with each block you moved forward on the board. Then think of the numbers on a dice as questions that you answered that will let you move forward on the board. Finally with each kilometre you earned the more your chances to win a grand prize? Sounds engaging? It is!

7) Give them more than they expect  

As a travel agency you would want to use the scenic beauty to market your destination. But how about something extra like the places to eat like The Fondue Tram in Zurich, Switzerland or the FoodLab in San Francisco, California? Or Shopping arenas in Vienna, Buenos Aires or Madrid? Or the Carnival at Rio de Janeiro or the Ultra Music Festival, Miami, Florida? Or the Tropical rainforests of Sumatra or the Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan, China.


social media tips for travel agencies online


So there you have it. 7 tips to make your travel agencies social media strategy systematically reach out to your prospective tourists and establish trust within them. There’s nothing better than making a prospective tourist experience the Swiss Alps before seeing it to build that excitement to venture into the snow-clad haven all the more. What do you think?  Wouldn’t you wan to see what you are in for before stepping foot on it?

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