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Soon to be launched Facebook VIP App May Tempt Celebs Out of Twitter

on October 8, 2013

How often do we see celebrities responding to their fans comments on Facebook? Unless of course, their handlers are doing their jobs with utmost sincerity! Even then, it would be expecting too much from handlers to respond one on one, especially when the Facebook tool is not user-friendly, rather celeb-friendly. It’s one thing to be famous on Facebook but it’s quite a task to get a grip on the fast moving fan chatter, particularly when the volumes of posts, likes, comments and mentions are immensely high. To tackle this issue, a new Facebook VIP app is in the offing aiming to help celebs organise incoming comments and make it easier for them to interact with their fans.

Soon to be launched Facebook ‘VIP’ App May Tempt Celebs Out of Twitter

Facebook’s latest invention 

According to the news reports, Facebook is planning to launch a mobile tool ‘celebs only’ through which the celebrities could monitor the features and manage their pages that show what people are saying about them and when. A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed to the media about the news. They are currently testing some mobile features of the facebook vip app with a small group of partners, which is being designed to help the celebrities communicate with their fans with greater ease.
More and more celebrities favour Twitter because it’s relatively easier for them to track a thread of responses to a specific person. While on Facebook the same experience is a little complicated, although they have included ‘replies’ and threading in comments. With the launch of this new tool Facebook may possibly win the competition by getting an edge over Twitter with regard to celebrity involvement.

Making Facebook user-friendly for celebrities

Whether Facebook is genuinely worried about celebrities or not, one thing is definitely clear that it’s gradually turning out to be more about public sharing. Like in the past, Facebook has not shied away from taking features that have been successful on Twitter or on any other platforms where public figures spent more time interacting with their fans. At first, Facebook rolled out hashtags and effectively entered the territory once occupied by the Twitter, and then included the opening of followers—who could view the updates without being accepted as ‘friends.’ Last of all, it borrowed ‘verifying the pages’ for celebrities from the twitter.
Now this new mobile tool is its latest invention that could facilitate in making facebook user-friendly for public figures. By doing so, it is certainly going to entice a lot of celebrities to start using Facebook, which would in turn lure the young crowd to join in, in order to follow their favourite celebrities.
Thus the new VIP app would most certainly help to silence the critics who believe that Facebook is no longer as popular with the younger generation, and may actually prove to be a step towards its quest to get that decisive edge over Twitter.

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