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Blue – the Colour of Social Media

on October 31, 2013

There is definitely more to colours than meets the eye. Ever wondered how we have been universally moulded since childhood, across diverse cultures, to associate certain colours with specific concepts?  Blue has always represented all that is cool and professional while red stands for heat and danger; green for safety and white for peace. These perceptions are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we rarely question their validity.

Much more than just a visual perception, we now know that colours carry great psychological connotations, capable as they are of evoking emotions and subtly influencing behaviour.

It is this powerful impact of colours upon our psyche that marketers are exploring in order to take them closer to achieving their business objectives. And when it comes to the colour of social media channels – blue seems to be the preferred option – as it stands for the very values that have become a scarce commodity in today’s busy world – reliability and stability. It certainly is no mere coincidence that all the major social networking channels have chosen to be represented by the colour blue.

The Psychology of the Colour Blue

According to the psychology of colours, blue also stands for professionalism, intellect and communication – the exact ingredients that make for the perfect social media strategy for any business. Coupled with white, the colour symbolising efficiency, clarity & purity – brands reinforce their message of trustworthiness and customer friendliness, making blue and white an enviable combination.

Another reason why blue seems to be an overwhelming favourite is that computer users have gotten accustomed to seeing a blue screen. The backgrounds and logos of the most widely used operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Mac Desktop have always been blue enabling the subconscious connection between reliable technology and the colour blue.

How exactly do colours influence choice?

It is in the answer to this question that lies the key to harnessing the intention of purchase from potential buyers. A study by Kissmetrics – a web analytics firm on how colour psychology plays an important role in influencing buying behaviour, revealed that it was colour that was the first cue that attracted them towards a brand. The interplay of colours and the moods and feelings they evoke, is thus one of the most powerful tools to create customer appeal.

Blue – the Colour of Social Media The guide to colour psychology     

Now that we have delved into why social media channels prefer to be identified with the colour blue, it would be interesting to understand the traits and emotions that other colours stand for and which are the industries that could leverage this to their advantage.

Colour Associated emotions Strategy for
Orange/Red warm, energetic, youthful, cheerful Impulsive buyers at clearance sales
Yellow Optimistic, eye catching Catch attention of window shoppers
Blue Trustworthy, stability Social media, business, Banks
Purple Wise, creative Anti-ageing products
Green Soothing, peaceful, healthful Associated with wealth
White/Pastels Balance, calm, neutral Home decor
Black Power, smartness Luxury products
Pink Romantic, Feminine Products that target young girls


Colour Guide Courtesy – The Role of Color in Marketing

It’s all about letting colours play their magic on feelings and emotions, allowing them to cast their spell, subtly but surely on the minds of consumers, and get them to view your brand in a positive light.

As for the connection between blue and social media – it’s as strong as ever. With networking channels stubbornly refusing to let go of this ubiquitous colour, as each vies to hit upon a unique shade of blue that is distinct enough to set them apart, yet traditional enough to reflect the timeless values of trust, communication and stability – values indispensable to building customer engagement and eliciting brand loyalty.

Have you also observed how social media channels are overwhelmingly partial to blue? Do you think any other colour could be used to portray social media as effectively? Which one would you bet on?


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