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Twitter Redesigns its Website Homepage Keeping Mobile in Mind

on February 6, 2014

It had been in the offing for a while and now it’s finally happened . Twitter redesigns its website with the aim of giving it a refreshing look that is as aesthetically pleasing and as it is friendly. Twitter’s latest avatar is also in sync with its mobile versions for iOS and Android – thus making it consistent across various platforms.

So what are the noteworthy changes in Twitter’s new website design and functionality?

  • The most obvious change at first glance is the colour scheme – white and light blue, replacing the previous blue-black combination. The whiter interface lends a neater look and seems to allow more “breathing” space for the text
  • The home page that displays tweets of people you follow appears better organised and now shows the user profile at the top left corner of the pane
  • Photos and videos are to get greater prominence on timelines, and users now just need to tap on them to see the video or access the complete image as against the previous version where they had to click on the link in order to view the pic.  This is sure to make twitter a more engaging experience for visitors as the vivid display of pictures and videos on the home stream creates a significant visual impact, thus arousing greater interest, curiosity and the desire to interact and participate.
  • Another interesting feature is the possibility for users to customize the new homepage by being able to apply their own unique color schemes for the compose box and navigation icons, in much the same way that they were able to change link colors to their feeds in the previous version.  This flexibility imparts people with more freedom to vary the visual feel of their home page as and when they wish to.
  • Other cosmetic changes include larger fonts, larger buttons and previews plus new icons for “Direct Message” and “Compose”. The navigation bar too is bigger and has a new look and style quite similar to the one seen on the mobile versions.

            The new designTwitter redesigns its website homepage keeping mobile in mind


            The old design

Twitter Redesigns its Website Homepage Keeping Mobile in Mind


The new interface has not yet been applied to every twitter account and many users are still to experience the refreshed Twitter avatar. Although the company has not announced a deadline, it seems to be just a matter of a few days until the changed interface becomes universally available to every user.

But whether or not Twitter’s brand new interface will make any significant difference to its already overwhelmingly wide and loyal following is something that only time will tell.


So what’s your prediction?



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