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Facebook Interface And The All New Look

on March 31, 2014

Social Media in today’s world is largely synonymous with Facebook to many, amongst other biggies like Twitter and Instagram. And thus simply undermining the supremacy of Facebook in the Social Media space today may be a bit unfair. Given that Facebook holds a large database of not only individual users, but big brands as well, one can fairly call it the digital edition of “The big book of everything”. Now, the fact that you’re reading this implies you have a little, if not a steep, inclination towards the Social Media World. And consequently if you’ve observed carefully, the Facebook interface has been changing every now and then. This may be a cause of concern to those who are not adaptive to progressive change. But with Facebook interface changes it evidently seems to think otherwise.


So what is it about Facebook and its changing appearance every now and then?

  • Is it the apparent fear that it may transform into a forgotten Orkut or MySpace?
  • Is it the quest for a progressive mind-set that is always forward looking?
  • Is it their incessant need to have its users proactively adapt to change?
  • Or is it to compensate for the number of times the ‘Facebook interface on Mobile’ does not change?

Speculation, Speculation!


Here’s a few stats you’d like to peer into before we see what’s different about Facebook this time.

  • Facebook finally unveiled its interface almost a year after its official roll out.
  • Facebook loves the colour blue, ever noticed? Well, you’re about to
  • Speculation suggests the changing interfaces are a part of interaction design drills that Facebook keeps playing around with.
  • So yes we all are an integral and indispensable part of Facebook interface’s enticing experiment. Ever noticed this? Well may be now you will.

Now, as stated by Facebook the newsfeed looks different because the users liked newer fonts and bigger stories. So let’s jump straight in into what is it that has changed anyway?


There’s two major layout changes


– User Homepage 

Here the users homepage looks essentially the same in terms of the location of individual elements like

  • The Birthday and Event reminders to the right
  • The ‘trending’ column to the right
  • The ‘People you may’ Know to the right
  • The edit profile, Newsfeed, messages and events buttons to the left
  • The groups and App pages you are a member of and those you own
  • And of course the infamous ‘Newsfeed’ that lets you in on all the gossip in and around your friend circle and essentially in your extended life.

What’s different is the grey instead of the white background behind it and the existence of white boxes for each of the available options. Something like this. The fonts also appear to be different and larger in size.

 Enterprise Social Media Facebook Interface New User Timeline

– Brand Page

  • Brand pages are essentially the usual Lays, Ferrari, Cadbury, Gucci and Toyota brand pages that you use that is the digital property of the brand.
  • The Grey background with White boxes for everything in it makes its appearance here too.
  • Other than that everything seems to be a mirror image of the old brand pages.
  • The number of likes on a page and the ‘Invite your friends’ column appears to the left.
  • Just below that you see the ‘About the brand’ which otherwise wasn’t visible.
  • Metrics for the page admins appear at the corner to the right with parameters like page likes, Ad running details, post reach, unread and notifications
  • The status update bar that appeared to the left now appears to the right.

Enterprise Social Media Facebook Interface New Brand Timeline

The ‘Page’, ‘Activity’, ‘Insights’ and ‘Settings’, ‘Build Audience’ tabs appear in a white bar at the top.
Facebook states that the new design is to have the look and feel on the desktop and mobile to be the same.

As per Facebook news “These changes are visual updates and do not affect how we surface content to people, nor do they change how stories are ranked in News Feed. Though in the new design all images are larger, both organic stories and ads will be the same size — similar to the way images appear on mobile.”

What do you think about the new change? Are you game for  a consistently changing facebook interface every 6 months?

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