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Social Media Marketing and eCommerce – The Inevitable Connect

on April 11, 2014

Social Media Marketing and eCommerce – The Inevitable Connect 1

Social Media Marketing and eCommerce have a certain inter-dependency that not even the biggest players in the market would disagree with. If you think otherwise, what you are about to read is a definitive attempt to change your mind. The multiple Social Media Marketing platforms present today viz. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. make for the best integrated springboard to reach out and stay connected to your Target Audience; a phenomenon that wasn’t quite possible in the past.

The nation and world at large has seen a sudden spate of flourishing eCommerce sites. Call it hyper growth business models, or being at the right place just when the sun was shining on you. Online selling is here to stay, and that’s a noticeable reality. Whats’s the proof? Exhibit A the big players viz. Amazon, eBay, Walmart

Exhibit B the prominent, growth oriented eCommerce startups in Mumbai, India like Bombay Trooper, PropShop24, Wear Your Opinion.

All of the above have an eye-catching presence on the social space.

So what’s in it for eCommerce brands to be on Social Media?

1. Social Media is online, so is eCommerce:  Your target audience is already directed to the digital world, and what better a place to market your product than another set of popular places on the online space itself?

rise-of-social-media-in-ecommerce-mobstac-infographic-thumbnail What your customer say about you2. Talking to Customers on Social Media: Ever pondered over how at the back of your head you already know this exists and yet avoid it. Social Media, actually gives you the stage to converse with the key most stakeholders of your business, your customers! Platforms like Twitter are used to ask customers what they want and develop upfront relations.

3. The tech savvy, new age and informed shopper:  Internet has taken away the ‘information advantage’ that few people claimed to possess. Today a more informed shopper has emerged and he/she knows what they want and is also more vocal on the internet about it. Are you listening when they talk?

The informed shopper also mines out information from reliable sources. Your business reflected online should be that reliable source.

4. Direct Visual Marketing: You can directly spell out and show the product and its features through interactive visuals and content on the Social Media Space. Facebook updates are the best way for doing so. You can even push these out to reach a targeted audience.

5. Out of sight Out of mind: Everyone may not visit your site every day, but the number of individuals checking into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis is surely a good number to bank on for your eCommerce sales. (23% of Facebook users check-in at least 5 times a day)

6. The Social Media wildfire – People today spend more time on Social Media than on watching TV. YouTube the visual video alternative, Instagram the photo sharing hub, Twitter the world of chatter-boxes and Facebook the king of all Social Networks dominate our everyday lives. And these are people, not just your customers but a large chunk of the population of where you belong. Be there, and show them you exist.

rise-of-social-media-in-ecommerce-mobstac-infographic-thumbnail Social Sharing

7. Your Friend Google – What’s the first thing you do when you’re on the internet and want to look for an answer? Google! How many times have you said the words “I don’t know, Google it!” The answers to all your questions lie here. Are you there when your TG looks for you online? The ideal answer would be a ‘yes’.

8. Social Sharing: Social Media Marketing calls for you to share content. As a marketer you should focus on the fact that the customer sharing your content has like minded *prospective customers* in their network. The possibility of their friends seeing this is high. And thus the intrinsic value of a single customer on the digital space is much more than just 1 new customer. Encourage them to share this.

9. The Big guys are on it – Learning from the big guys is always a good way to know what will work for your brand too. As mentioned before giants like eBay and Amazon have tried and tested the market and succeeded at it. Studying what they have done on the Social Media arena, where all they exist, how they go about their strategy will give you a good insight into what could be replicated for your brand too.

That’s the eCommerce connect for you. Do you think Social Media and eCommerce share a close bond? What would you do if you owned an eCommerce site? Would social media be the first place you would market yourself?

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