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10 Reasons Why Website Development Is Integral To Your Online Marketing Strategy

on April 16, 2014

10 Reasons Why Website Development Is Integral To Your Online Marketing Strategy - Enterprise Social Media Blog intro image

A Website Development perspective:

Did you know that 60% of the purchase/service hiring decisions take place before you have even communicated with your prospective client. Why is that? People today are online. Conventional media while still at its place has been partially and transitionally replaced by the web and development on this front is fast and moving. Before looking at you they look for you, online! And for this you need to look like your trustable self not only in person, but online too.

The first (bonus) reason and perhaps the most important one of them all is that we’re living in the ‘online’ era and everyone’s here. So..join the party!


Here’s 10 more reasons why your Website matters so much.


1.  You can brag a little – Once a website development company sets up your website you can use it fruitfully to show visitors what you’ve got. These could be your highly efficient processes, how up-to-date your machinery is, how well your company is staffed, your achievements, awards and a lot more.


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2.  Showcase your products: Your website is the best place for everyone to know what your core line of products are. You can put up an image gallery and maybe even categorise them. This saves time and money that you would otherwise invest in cold calls and brochures telling the world what your product is about.


10 Reasons Why Website Development Is Integral To Your Online Marketing Strategy - Enterprise Social Media Blog Open Sign 33.  The 24/7 ‘We’re Open’ Sign: Though this isn’t a blatant physical sign but it’s obvious that you can log on anytime of the day, night, evening and still have valuable content right in front of you, something a physical store may not be able to showcase.


4.  Make more money!  –  Now who doesn’t want that for themselves?  You can monetise and make a handsome amount from it. For example give your website an e-commerce element. Website Development companies and professionals set these up with an array of your products lined up for buyers to buy with payment options directly from the website.

You can also encourage ads if yours is a high traffic site thus bringing in much remuneration.



5.  The ‘Credibility’ Factor: Decisions by purchasers in the future will be made on how well you represent yourself online. That future is now! A well-populated website shows you know your business well, are not only passionate about it but are highly acquainted with the finer nuances and the intricacies of it and have keen insights and classified knowledge that not many in the market may have.


6.  eCommerce: The reason this.. (continued on next page)


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