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5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Instagram

on April 29, 2014

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, Instagram lets you reach out and engage with your audience in a different way from other social media marketing platforms.

Latest statistics reveal that Instagram – the relatively new easy photo and video focused app has garnered exponential attention, with over 200 million users. With Facebook’s investment in the application, it has cooked up a storm among mobile users of today.

Now, even though a large percentage of the Instagram user population are amateur photographers or just people casually uploading pictures of last night’s party, their dinner or their cats, Brands have seized this opportunity to expand their social media marketing strategies and are uploading screenshots of their products, members and even holding Instagram contests!


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Here’s how your brand can incorporate Instagram into its Social Media Marketing strategy & maximize its reach in these simple steps :



Brands usually focus their Social Media Marketing strategies on influencing potential and existing customers.

A few take a step further and engage in Influencer, which is a form of marketing that focuses on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. These individuals are selected specifically because they have significant influence over potential buyers. Brands then conduct social media marketing activities around these influencers.

For example – Getting a fashion blogger, who has a sizeable number of followers, to mention your brand of clothing in her “OOTD” (Outfit Of The Day) or being a part of your Brand’s Contest, will ensure a generous number of people looking at it and participating, thus creating a social media marketing buzz.


Enterprise Social Media 5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Instagram 1

Influencers mentioning brands in their posts



Make sure your Instagram feed is consistent, replete with customer/follower interactions as well as contests.
Create a contest, a contest specific hash tag, desirable prizes and you’ve got yourself a new set of followers and potential customers.

Be sure to regram your customer uploads of them using your products or visiting your store. Reply to comments addressed to you and thank your followers from time to time.

Most importantly, sustain your accounts activity in a way that you share enough posts to infiltrate your followers newsfeed, but not dominate it, that may look like a spam and may create aversion in the minds of your Target audience.  A good social media marketing strategy will be to share images at optimal times and to keep a high quality control of content.


Enterprise Social Media 5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Instagram 2

Instagram Contests



The Instagram application allows you to upload your picture not just on Instagram, but on other linked social media marketing platforms as well. You can link your posts to
Facebook etc.
This is extremely influential in broadening customer outreach. Also, you’re taking rightful advantage of your all pervasive social media marketing strategies.


Enterprise Social Media 5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Instagram 3

Sharing content on other Social Media Platforms



Share pictures of products that have offers, a promotional contest, new collections/new products while using popular hashtags (#discount, #deals, #sale, #offer, etc). Don’t forget to add your brand logo on all your pictures to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing initiative.


Enterprise Social Media 5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Instagram 4

Offers & Promotions



There are many ways to link your posts to your brand. One of the most straight forward way of social media marketing on Instagram is by including the link to the company website and/or email address in the Instagram profile bio. This makes it easier for your followers to contact you, as well as view other products/services you may have to offer by just clicking on the link, thereby fulfilling one of the main objectives of social media marketing.

Another way to link your brand is by creating a trend that includes the company’s core values and/or its tag line.

Eg. Nike uses the hash tag #justdoit for many posts, which also happens to be their company tag line.


Enterprise Social Media 5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips For Instagram 5

Using Taglines as hashtags


In social media marketing, where trends last for less than a few hours, it is important that what you create receives maximum visibility. Instagram has been on a social high since its inception and it’s only fair that you make the most out of this remarkably popular app.


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