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Top 10 Internet and Social Media Movies Part I

on May 14, 2014

We exist in a Social Media driven internet age where movies influence immensely the way we think. The following 10 internet and social media movies will elaborate how in multiple ways the internet has and is changing our lives.


10. We Live In Public

The story is about the internet’s greatest pioneer Josh Harris owned, a live audio/video webcasting site. The protagonist Josh Harris live-films the lives of 100 New York citizens to study the effects of technology on them. He then plants a 24-hour camera in his house to make himself and his girl-friend the lab rat of the experiment giving everyone on the net access to his personal life. The documentary was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival




9. Terms and Conditions May Apply

This is a movie about the favourite part of the ‘user registration’ process on signing up for something like a Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. – The ‘User Agreement’ which we all so incessantly read, don’t we? Just kidding! This movie delves into how the government and the corporates legally gains access to our movements, our likes and interests, our family and our money, our friends and secrets, what we eat and what we tweet! Everything! And we all ‘agreed’ to giving it to them, while signing up for the social platform didn’t we?




8. 140

As evident from the name of the movie this is about Twitter with the theme supporting ‘connection’. 140 film makers from across 140 different destinations across the world shot a 140 second long non-stop film that depicts the connectivity element of their lives. The beauty is that they were all synchronised across the web via

Top 10 Internet and Social Media Movies : 140


This is a story about two friends who dreamed of building an internet company in the late 90’s. On started up and soon rose to success and subsequently plummeted to the ground just like many other in the 2000’s., a Web-based firm devoted to helping people deal more efficiently with local governments went from a one room company to $50 million company with over 200 employees again back to almost zero employees culminating into being absorbed by a larger company. In the midst the two friends find themselves with daggers drawn against each other where the business minded co-founder forces the rather gentle one out of the company.




6. #chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on A Dictator

Armed with tools and artillery like Facebook, Twitter, a camera phone and Skype a girl from a room in Chicago helps her social network in Damascus and Homs to dodge from the extremities of the crisis and revolution against Syria’s dictator. The uprising in Syria claimed lives of many and the teenage girl spread awareness about what was happening to people using Social Media.



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