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Top 10 Internet and Social Media Movies part II

on May 22, 2014


..continued from Part I 


The second part of Internet and Social Media Movies


5. Hackers

A rather exhilarating and nerve-wracking movie where an 11-year old almost causes a stock market crash by hacking into the computer networks of multiple Wall Street investment banks.  Forbidden from computers as a consequence of this, the little boy returns to the world of technology at his 18th birthday. Joining a clan of fellow hackers, they together have no intentions of hacking systems and making profit through cybercrime; but just raise some good natured havoc. They then get introduced to a former hacker turned computer security expert with a huge multinational corporation who is actually teamed up with cyber criminals to drain funds into his account from huge banks. He is also smart enough to leave clues pointing out to someone else – in this case the 18-year boy and his friends.



4. The Net and The Net 2.0

A software that allows access to secret government information finds itself  in the hands of a programmer  who doesn’t know it’s worth until a series of odd events leading to the death of a close friend. This gives away that her life is in danger and she soon finds out that her identity has been erased with police computers showing her as a wanted criminal. The movie is about how she attempts to clear her alleged criminal record and protect the software from falling into the hands of unwanted people.

The Net 2.0 is a similar story as a sequel to the 1995 film.



3. Pirates of Silicon Valley

An epic movie of sorts that charts out the parallel lives of the tech world barons Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in a story that will tell you how they went from an obscure backyard/dorm-room company to huge multinational technology giants that fought locking-horns for corporate supremacy. The movie also explains the lives of a Harvard dropout Bill Gates and how his company rises to glory surpassing the crafty ‘Apple’ and how Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak turn from selling miniature versions of corporate mainframes to small businesses TO the founders of the biggest piece(s) of technology to hit the planet. Not forgetting the ‘borrowing’ of key concepts from a Xerox computer lab that somewhat marked the beginning of Apple of-course.



2. Chef

A true Social Media sensation -> the SXSW (South by South West) Film Festival, which by the way has quite a mark on the social media world, marked the opening night of this movie for the world of the new age photo-clickers, instagrammers and you guessed it, Food Lovers! A unique use of Social Media, this is one of the first movies that shows Social Media in the positive light of things. With the use of Social Media, food critics, food bloggers and a cart on the road, Chef Carl Casper goes trending with a tweet replying back to the city’s biggest food critic who criticizes his Lava cake and the story of a food sojourn follows.


1. The Social Network

The ultimate Social Media movie that encompasses the lives of Mark Zuckerberg the maker of a predominant part of the internet, Sean Parker the founder of Napster and his role in the Social Networking giant, Zuckerberg’s friends and how the making of Facebook came underway. From elite clubs in the Ivy league, to multi-million dollar lawsuits, from the craziest parties to alliances turning on each other, the story has it all. A must watch for every Social Media and Facebook enthusiast who logs on to Facebook even once in a day.



And that’s the top 10 in the internet space for you. Got any more? Link them down here, and we’ll add them in the next list.

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