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How Review Sites Online Change Consumer Perception

on July 11, 2014

Enterprise Social Media - How review sites change consumer perception 1


Or do they?


The onslaught of sites like Yelp, Zomato, Tripadvisor has made and broken businesses of many in the online space. It gives you, the consumer a voice. And who else ever gave you a voice other than the internet?

That’s the very ideology the online consumer has taken to the internet to tell the world. Take Tripadvisor for example. Did you make your last trip without looking up places here? Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

Remember the time when you were looking for a place to eat and you asked the 5 people in the nearest vicinity where you should go.




How often do you do that today before logging onto a Zomato or a Yelp? Don’t answer that. You already know the answer.

So to answer whether review sites have changed consumer perception, it is fair in the present day and time to arguably agree! And don’t worry, you wont have many refuting you.


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So why believe a review site in the first place?


Name a place ‘off’line that gives you the following all in one place so that you could make a coherent, and not to mention quick decision.


– An all you need to know ‘Information’ tab about the restaurant / Hotel / resort etc.

– A menu / tariff card to have you keep expenses in check.


Suggestive search. Example “People also looked for”.

Reviews – This potentially gives a subjective and an ‘outsiders’ perspective which essentially is non-biased and purely on the basis of the experience.

Ratings – By viewers and critics

– A Map to get to the place

– A few  finer intricacies like Availability of Wi-Fi, Home Delivery, Indoor/Outdoor seating.

Hours of operation.

Distance from landmarks like stations and airports

And there you have it. Everything that your 5 friends would give you answers to plus much more.


Enterprise Social Media - How review sites change consumer perception 3


Moreover, the following reason attract users to such sites:

– Thoughts about what other unknown people had to say.

– An alternative perspective

– Variety!

– Suggestions

– A sense of well researched decision

A smarter consumer today is well-informed, and review sites gives them a sense of being well-informed. Its all about making that decision analyzing multiple parameters all of which are at your ready disposal. So why wouldn’t a consumer be attracted to such a spoon-feeding oriented platform?


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