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Say Hello to Google Pigeon- The Newest Algorithm

on August 8, 2014

Say Hello to Google Pigeon- The Newest Algorithm

Google’s susceptibility to introducing changes in algorithms is not altogether new. The field is dynamic to the extent that an update could be taking place at this moment even as you read. The giant search engine has recently focused on improving local SEO with the Google ‘Pigeon’ update originally sent out on July 24th, 2014.


What all can you expect?


The new algorithm rendered consumers with relevant results; with also providing small businesses more exposure to customers in neighboring areas. Local businesses those relatively remain more relevant to local areas do have a good opportunity to now show through Google’s search. They stand a fighting chance against big guns that use content marketing strategy and have national or international reach.

According to Google Pigeon, local search exactitude is one of the many pointers that will determine a website’s rank while paying minute attention to the location/ distance tracking in rankings. The algorithm is closely also knotted to other features, such as Google’s Knowledge Graph, synonyms, spelling correction and more.


And there’s more…


We couldn’t help relating the “Pigeon” update for a reference to the typical way pigeon birds always fly back home. This update is more of a welcoming fundamental change to Google local listing and local search ranking algorithm. The modifications have rolled out to both Google Web search results and Google Maps search results. It definitely has better accuracy over distance and location rankings but has been rolled out only for US English results. Whether and when will it be applicable to the other languages and other countries cannot be yet told.

At this juncture, it is also difficult to determine the extent to which this update will impact search results, but it is obvious across both Google Search and Google Maps. Relatively older algorithmic updates such as Google Penguin and Google Panda that were focused on improving quality of content have had reasonable impact. For e.g., the Google Panda 4.0 update rolled out earlier this year affected 7.5% of all English search results.


Major changes observed below




Say Hello to Google Pigeon- The Newest Algorithm




Say Hello to Google Pigeon- The Newest Algorithm


Few months ago ‘digital camera’ search in Google produced results mostly in US based and other countries. While the same term ‘digital camera’ when searched few days ago gave results pertaining to India.

SEO and web masters out there became much aware about the fact even prior to the revelations with these location specific results. Small and upcoming businesses wanting to make the most of the new update must prove to Google and their online audiences about the authenticity and legitimacy of their businesses with good product or service, apparently, one of the best ways to achieve this is by having a working content strategy in place.


What do you think?


Readers, Google has been behaving really smart recently, we call out to you to share with us your side of the story. Pour your ideas in the comments below if the Google ‘Pigeon’ has been helpful or the other way round!



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