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How to merge multiple Facebook pages

on October 17, 2014

How to merge multiple Facebook pagesIt may happen that you find yourself in a position where you are inadvertently maintaining two or more Facebook pages for your business. Each of these has their own separate sets of likes and check ins, putting you in a dilemma about whether to continue with two pages or to delete one of them. The good news is that you can merge all these into a single page for your business – and what’s more – the likes and check ins from the two pages are combined so you don’t end up losing the fan count either!

Before you begin to merge multiple Facebook pages, you need:

  1. To ensure that you have the “Manager” level rights for both the pages and that both pages have the same address.
  2. To make sure that both pages have similar names eg “Brand Xyz1” & “Brand Xyz2” so that Facebook understands that both represent the same brand.
  3. To check that the pages to be merged bear the same category name, have the same address and identical short and long description. Unless each and every field of the  page information of the pages to be combined matches, Facebook will not recognise them as identical pages
  4. To determine which is the page you want to keep and which is the one you would like to merge with the main one

Most people prefer to keep the page with maximum content and better engagement – so the page you would like to retain becomes your main page into which the other duplicate pages will be merged. It is worthwhile to keep in mind that while you will retain the likes and check ins, you will lose all the content from the pages to be merged. Therefore you could name the main page as “brand xyz1” and the one to be merged as “brand xyz2”

The step by step process to merge facebook pages:

  1. Go to the page (in this case “brand xyz1”) you want to keep and click on “Settings”.
  2. In “Settings”, under the “Update Page info” tab you will see a menu at the bottom that reads “Merge Pages”. Note: In the new FB platform the Merge page option appears under the “update Page info” in Settings 
  3. Expand this to display “Merge duplicate pages”.How to merge multiple Facebook pages
  4. In the pop up box that appears, you will see the names of all pages similar in name to the one you are presently on. Check the box adjacent to the name of the page you would like to merge into your main brand page (the page you do not want to retain -“brand xyz2”.)How to merge multiple Facebook pages
  5. You will then be asked to confirm the merger – do check one last time just to be sure that the name checked by you belongs to the page you want to merge into the main one. Unfortunately, once merged, you cannot undo the action which is why you cannot affird to make a mistake.
  6. This completes the merging process and your main page now shows the augmented number of likes acquired from the merged page.

Help with troubleshooting

You could experience a slight glitch when the page you want to merge does not display as an option in the pop up box. In this case, click on the “Don’t See the Pages you want merged?” link which will direct you to Facebook’s Help Centre.

Here you need to check the box that reads “I have read and understand the above information” before a drop down menu appears that includes the names of all the pages you manage. You then need to select the name of the page you want to retain.

Scroll down once more to see a box which says “I understand that the Pages I merge must be about the same thing”. Check this box that will direct you to another drop down menu listing the names of pages you manage. Now select the page you want to merge and submit your request. Facebook will send you a notification telling you that the process of the merger has begun. It usually takes a week or so for the process to complete after which you will receive a notification that the merger has been successful.


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