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Social Media Optimization Tips : Best Time To Post On Social Media

on November 3, 2014


Generating content has always been the need of the hour and will be for the imminent future. But from a marketer’s perspective there are nuances beyond that. The need to post social media content at an effective time cannot be over-emphasized in any social media optimisation strategy.

Knowing when to post good content is a bit perplexing. If you post good content at a bad time, it would lead to underplayed and under achieved results or engagement. And thus it is very important for a brand to know not only when their target audience is online, but also when they are engaging the most i.e.  liking, commenting, sharing etc.

Let’s take a look at the Best Time To Post On Social Media:

A. Facebook

Facebook is the first and most important social media platform that a brand takes into consideration to market its products in the virtual world. However, these days, Facebook is an expensive ordeal as daily posted content reaches out to only approx 6% of your fans. And it looks like this is not going to change for good in the near future, for the simple reason that this has become  a revenue generating model for Facebook through the “Boost Post” offering and hence voluntarily increasing the post reach works against Facebook’s business model.

Further, one of the parameters that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is based on is time decay i.e how long back has the post been updated. Sometimes the older the post, the lower the chances of it being featured on your fan’s news feed. According to a research by Pandemic Labs:  it has been seen that brands tend to up the anti on posting content as the weekend approaches.


Social Media Optimization Tips : Best Time To Post On Social Media


However, the above is debatable at times as different industries may have different numbers, but the majority of engagement takes place on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

It is very essential to know and understand your audience and their lifestyle before posting content.  For example: Brand X which is a coffee brand can put up an update on “Beat the Monday Blues with us” on a Monday morning at 10 AM. This will tend to have a connect with the audience and would call for more engagement.

Here’s another example:

Social Media Optimization Tips : Best Time To Post On Social Media


A yogurt brand by the name of 6th Street Yogurt has a Facebook update called “Fashionista Friday” which gets posted at 8 pm every Friday for their target audience i.e teenagers who tend to go out partying post this time. The thought process behind the post directly relates to wanting to generate more engagement. 

Another analogy is that although timing is a crucial factor in visibility but this may not necessarily lead to engagement. For example: Most youngsters use Facebook through their phone instead of their desktops, and checking their news feed is one of the first things they do after waking up. This makes mornings a good time for your content to be seen ie. visibility. However, it may not be the time they’d actively like, comment or click i.e. engagement.

Keeping the above in mind and studying your audience with a little bit of experimenting will help you arrive at the best time to post your content.

    B. Twitter

Twitter is a tricky social media site when it comes to getting engagement from your prospective customers. Unless and until you’re an established brand with a high amount of followers, it’s difficult to get proper engagement. However, it’s not impossible if you master the art of effective timing.

We have observed that people are twice as likely to tweet during their commute hours, either while going to work/college or while coming back. So, 9-12 pm and 6-8 pm are approximately the perfect times to start a conversation with your followers.

Further the peak hours for Retweets have been seen to be 5 pm.


Social Media Optimization Tips : Best Time To Post On Social Media

Image source: Social Marketing Writing

    C. Instagram

Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the last of the three is the most important platform when it comes to timing. This is so because there aren’t any complicated algorithms that determine the position and visibility of the post. An image posted at 5 pm on a Saturday will stay there on your timeline until replaced by newer images that are put up by other brands within minutes. 

Now, to be a successful on Instagram, you need to play around with angles, colors, worthy subjects and also a bit of humor at times. But if the timing isn’t perfected the efforts get minimized as your post gets sidetracked by newer images as explained above. And thus, choosing the correct time to post pictures on Instagram can be tedious.

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The time you post images may vary from brand to brand. having said that it also largely depends on  where most of your followers originate from and the time zone they belong to. But we see that the maximum engagement on Instagram takes place in the early evenings i.e 4 pm – 7 pm. But this too depends on the brand and the habits of the followers.

For example a fashion brand with followers that have lifestyles of usually waking up by 11 am as against the conventional 9am, it makes better sense to post content around 11.30 am to capitalize on the ‘early morning scrolling’.

An analysis by Simply Measured below further states that 4pm – 5pm is the best time to post. Though the best day mentioned below is the start of the weekend, we believe since Instagram is a mobile dominated app, the time of the day should be given more importance as against which day of the week.

On engagement it states that  weekend mornings and weekday evenings after dinner will get steady engagement.


Social Media Optimization Tips : Best Time To Post On Social Media


These are a few tricks of the trade about the best time to post your content on social media. However, it should be kept in mind that your target audience also determines your content strategy and your content timings. Think out of the box, experiment, analyse and measure results and the rest will follow!

Got any of your own Social Media Optimization Tips? Or something you would like us to write on? Share them with us and we’ll glad to oblige.

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