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Social Media Case Studies : Soundlogic’s War of the Lords

on January 6, 2015


Social Media Case Studies Soundlogic's War of the Lords

 a sub-brand of SoundLogic, a brand in association with MTV conducted a campaign through Enterprise Social Media to get people in the know of their portable chargers.

The following is a part of the Social Media Case Studies section of the Enterprise Social Media Blog.


1. Position Itek as a premium product in the technology/portable charger space.

2. Generate large scale awareness about the brand.

3. Conduct a campaign and use it to reach out to larger audiences.

4. Attempt to generate sales


About the campaign:

The campaign was conducted in the light of the two biggest Bombay based festivals college festivals Umang and Malhar.


What it consisted of:

– 2 colleges
– 2 Festivals
– The world of tweeters
– 1 microsite
– 1 war



The war of the Lords

1. A microsite was created with 2 batteries signifying the power of each team.


Social Media Case Studies  Soundlogic's War of the Lords Round 1



2. 2 batteries represented 2 sides of the battle.

3. The two teams were two prime college festivals Umang and Malhar which were on at that given point in time.

4. 2 hashtags #LordUmang and #LordMalhar were created

5. All the students from the respective colleges had to do was use these hashtags and support their respective team.

6. As the teams tweeted the batteries would increase in power and inch closer to 100%

7.  These ‘tweet’ charged batteries would signify which team was tweeting the most not forgetting to use the hashtag.



– Number of interactions: 2.1k
– Impressions: 417.9k (Facebook & Twitter)
– Unique Users: 993
– Reach on Facebook: 10.6k
– New Facebook Fans: 683
– @mentions received: 1205
– New Twitter followers: 119
– Total Reach Twitter: 392.9k


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