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Facebook Algorithm change and what it did to retain user’s in 2015

on January 7, 2015


What Facebook did to retain user's in 2015 Facebook Algortihm

Source: TechCrunch


The talks around Facebook declining as a platform and the Social Media losing its sheen in years to come didn’t fall on deaf years. In fact the FB HQ took keen interest in this and the Facebook algorithm change is what ensued.

But first, how often has it happened that you’ve logged onto to Facebook with the intention of networking with your friends or looking up what your social world is upto and been bombarded with ads & promotional content instead?

Facebook, that depended on these ads for revenue generation has placed itself in the shoes of the average user and taken grave attempts to reduce the bombardment of these very promotional posts.

The idea is simple – The users will get what they joined facebook for in the first place. A platform to Network and Interact.

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What you should understand as a user


First the basics for those who are not fully aware. Facebook’s revenue is generated through ads that are run by brands who own Facebook pages. These ads lead to ‘likes’ which is the ‘community’ of fans that a brand on Facebook can boast of. These brand pages are populated with ‘posts’ on a daily basis.

As a brand the marketing department would ideally like everyone of the accumulated fans to see these daily posts BUT Facebook allows only a percentage of fans to see this. Initially what was 8% – 16% fell down to 2% of the fans who would get to see these daily posts.

Here’s a glimpse of what brands would find ideal – The right side is an example of how multiple sets of people interact with a single post in multiple ways by commenting and/or sharing and/or liking it.


What Facebook did to retain user's in 2015 - What brands want it to be


Come 2015 this has dropped down to even lesser. Simply because Facebook would like brands to invest more in order to increase the reach.

The visibility “Promotional posts” will decline and users will see more of/from their friends on Facebook as against having their FB newsfeed populated with brands asking them to download something or play a game online for no reason at all.

Here’s what you should know about the new Facebook algorithm  

“Promotional posts” include the following as stated by Facebook

1.  Posts that ask you to buy a product or install an app

2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context

3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Here’s a few examples as per the Facebook newsroom


What Facebook did to retain user's in 2015 Promotional post 1


What Facebook did to retain user's in 2015 Promotional post 2



Who will this new Facebook algorithm  affect?

1. Brands who rely heavily on Social Media and Facebook to reach out to consumers.

2. Brands with an already existing heavy fan base.

3. Start ups who can’t spend much on ads and rely on organic(non-ad based) reach.


Who will it delight?

1. Users’s especially those who are old users since the start and were subject to the above problem in recent times.

2. New users, as Facebook is just like what it was when it started off.

3. You :) (Unless you’re a marketing manager reading this).


Though many have speculated that this move could decline the use of FB in general, Facebook states it will result in an increase in revenue.

So that’s Facebook in 2015 for you. Do you see the change already? Have you started seeing more of your friends online this year?


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