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How Online Marketing will change in 2015

on January 7, 2015


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The change in the world of Social Media was reflected in the previous article on Online Trends in 2015. Here we elaborate the way online marketing will span out in this current time defined as the ‘future’ where relatively everyone is going back to old ways of doing things.

A few examples of this is

1. The transition to gradient filled designs to single coloured flat design

2. Websites gaining added importance post the Facebook algorithm change


Coming back, in the previous article we ended at the reach on Facebook reaching a measly 2%. Here’s a direct continuation to that.


A. The above argument of a decline in organic reach of a post on Facebook is a sure shot way of telling marketers its time to shell out from their pockets. This organic decline further leads to marketers thinking its time to start spending lesser on Social Media. Soon marketers start thinking either we pull out of Social Media or reduce the ad spend on this. This means moves in the direction pointing out to a decline. Marketers could also widen the scope and move to mobile apps and an increased spend on buying media-space  on mobile apps. Amp up spend on TV, Radio and Print OR simply shift all of the Social Media spend to mobile considering all the talks around how the Mobile world is dong so well. News about mobile companies posting higher month-on-month sales, internet service providers getting busier with setting up new net connections, telecom companies penetrating into the rural markets will just strengthen the above. Further marketers will start looking deeper into media buying like

  • Google Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Re-targeting

An impetus to Website and Link building will also gain ground. A world that looks way beyond the scope of Social Media.


B. Arguements against why Social Media wont decline

The above expansion to a wider digital as against social media world is expensive and marketers would rather spend the same amount on Social media itself than on the digital world. Another arguement would be the same amount spent of Print ad and TV could be spent on Social Media and the numbers on Social Media can be measured too by ways of

  • Online apps that definitively ask for your contact details before entering a discount/page gateway
  • Database collection
  • Facebook Offers tab
  • Purchase directly on Social Media (Facebook Tab)
  • eCommerce on Twitter (soon to come as per prediction number 4)


Measuring metrics is an idea on which marketers get sold immediately an avenue Social Media offers explicitly and why social media should be considered in the first place. Further in addition to the above metrics, the common nuances like engagement, buzz, impressions, reach, number of followers and fans and measuring demographics of a community on the whole using behavioral analysis can all be measured. Advantage: Social Media!

Another arguement is when marketers can question what the proportion of brand recall is in ads against TV and Radio, and since mobile is a device accessed by most Radio and TV enthusiasts, and by a larger world of mobile users, targeting users of Social Media on mobile works well.

What’s your take on this and what more do you think will change the face of Social Media in the 12 months to come? Another Social Media platform or another form of media all together? Or the same old back to the basics?

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