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Are Facebook Likes important for your brand today?

on March 25, 2015

Believe it or not, Facebook dominates the social media strategy of most brands nowadays. As soon as you create a page on Facebook as a business or a brand, your first and the foremost task is to rope-in as many ‘Likes’ as you can. But how important are these Facebook likes actually? Does getting more and more fans to like your page completely convey everything about the progress and the reach of your brand on Facebook? How valuable are these likes for your brand in the long run? This article will help you understand the value of your Facebook fans and other adjacent factors that play a vital role in gaining major brand exposure in the highly competent marketplace.

Bang on target

Are Facebook Likes important for your brand today?

To reach out to the target audience is no less than hiking the pinnacle for any brand. Also, it is quite challenging to identify who is your loyal fan. However, when a person likes your page on Facebook, it’s a sign that he or she is actually interested in your brand. Once a regular Facebook user likes your page, you are likely to become a part of his everyday routine if he falls in the category of your post reach i.e. number of people who see your post (which is 1% – 1.5% of your total fans). Getting a loyal Facebook fan is indeed an achievement, but retaining your fans is something that gives you an edge. There comes the role of high quality social media content.

Your fans look up to the quality content you post on your page every day. They are interested in your social media campaigns, exciting contests, quirky trivia questions, and anything relevant to your brand that add to their knowledge. So if you have lots of likes and the content is not up to the mark, you are going to lose your fans. If you have fewer likes and bad content, the chances of getting loyal fans are slim. In a nutshell, Likes are important as long as you have engagement and good quality content by your side.

Brand awareness and visibility

Are Facebook Likes important for your brand today?

Getting a Facebook like is not a onetime process; it’s a chain reaction instead. For instance, when a fan likes your page, this is visible on their wall that they have liked your brand page and it won’t take long for their friends to see that Like. The probability is they might at least visit your brand page to see what your brand is all about. If your page and content is good enough, another set of Likes isn’t a far cry. This is how you get more visibility and attention through Facebook Likes organically.

Build good rapport


For a brand, Facebook is all about how well you know your target audience. The more you talk to your audience, the better is your relationship. For example, if you post a really interesting update on your page and some of your fans happen to like, share or comment on it, there is a possibility your content might go viral on Facebook.

Here is an example of viral post on Facebook by Oreo:

Are Facebook Likes important for your brand today?













Besides focusing on how to increase Facebook likes, brand admins need to know how to increase the engagement rate too in order to build a good relationship with their target audience. Focusing on gathering Likes would be downright futile, if your engagement rate is low. For example, you have thousands of Likes, but your page sees few interactions. This means your content is going unnoticed. On the other hand, having a reasonable number of likes with a lot of fans talking about your brands makes a lot of sense. This shows that your page has high engagement on your posts, which is called PTAT (People talking about this) metric. So brands need to make it a point that their fan following and engagement rate goes hand in hand. And things that contribute to PTAT include likes on page, posts on the page wall, like on a post, comment on a post, share a post, RSVP to a page’s event, mention the page in a post, tag the page in a photo, and check into a place.

Competition on Facebook

Are Facebook Likes important for your brand today?


Thousands of brands are now available on Facebook, but ironically only a few of them have high engagement rates. This might come as a surprise to you that a big name like Coca cola, which has a highly successful social media marketing strategy, has an engagement rate below 1 percent on Facebook. However, there exist some brands that have achieved engagement rate more than one percent, which is considered good. So, you as a brand can always keep a tab on the pages that have a high engagement rate to know how deep you need to dive in to achieve your target.

To sum it up, we can say that getting Facebook likes is important, but it is not the end of the story. There are lots of other aspects that can affect the reach and performance your brand. Nevertheless, it does arguably start with the number of Likes on your page. It gives you the motivation to take your brand to the next level on Facebook with the help of highly engaging quality content and, of course an ever increasing engagement rate.

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