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Business Blogs – What are the Benefits?

on July 27, 2015

Business Blogs

Blogging began in the 1990’s and right from the outset of the internet boom, Blogs have had a significant impact on the way information is conveyed across the digital space. From fortune 500 companies to start up enterprises, Business Blogs are becoming one of the quickest ways to connect with customers all over the world.

Virtually every brand and company today has included a blog section on their website. So the big question is – Why create  Business Blogs? What is driving companies to go all out when it comes to building this interactive part of their online presence? The simple answer is – Blogs are a means to share and convey ideas to your consumers. The more complex answer involves a web of factors, which collectively make Blogging such an appealing option for most businesses today.

Why does Blogging matter to your Business?

Business Blogs

Get noticed! Blogs increase visibility

It goes without saying – Whatever happens on the internet stays on the internet! Let’s assume you’re a small start-up company with no more than 3 employees. Your products are original, creative and innovative. You worked hard to create something that stands out from the crowd and now you want to get noticed. You want to be talked about and generate leads. Of course this is every business owners dream!

Your first step towards creating an online presence is developing an outstanding website; one that illustriously displays your products in the best possible light. A huge part of this online presence is credible content- content that elaborates how and why you created your business? or how it fits into the current industry?

A Blog can help you achieve this positive image and showcase your brand to your target audience. With articles crafted to appeal to your customers, you can be assured of an increased online presence. Your content should comprise of a string of catchy keywords and should be founded in SEO strategy.

 Are you an expert? Blogs establish you as an industry leader

Generating informative Blog posts about latest trends and industry news not only suggests that you have ample knowledge, it also lets your readers know that you are keeping up to date with new developments in your business arena. If your Blog posts are made up of valuable and relevant content, they are bound to make an impression and generate interest. Also, quality articles establish trust among your customers and over time they will rely on you as an informative source. Ultimately, this will lead to higher customer conversion rates.

Connection with customers! Blogs speak to your audience

This is crucial for small businesses aiming to gain credibility and compete with larger corporates. Blog posts give you the chance to share a personal side of your business, which might otherwise be overshadowed by more direct marketing techniques. In the digitally driven world, maintaining connections with your customers is vital, as it promotes your image as a friendly and accessible brand. If your articles are conversational and interactive, your customers will feel connected and are more likely to be loyal to your brand.

Business Blogs. Driving traffic to your website

One of the key reasons several marketing strategies rely on Blogging is for the content value. In today’s online world, your business needs to have a powerful online presence to be noticed- What does Blogging have to do with this? Everything!

Search engine optimization has ensured that content on a website is key to increasing visitors. Where you rank in search engines matters.  One of the most effective ways to increase your search engine rankings is to add unique, high quality content on a regular basis—this translates into blogging. If you don’t want to call it a Blog, you can call it an “Insights Center” or any other catchphrase that you want to use to categorize the articles you post to your website.

Blogging for BusinessRemember, at the end of the day, Blogs are powerful. They increase loyalty, visibility and traffic to your website. At Enterprise Social Media our team of writers creates original, credible and informative articles, highlighting  brands and boosting  business. Get in touch to know more.

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