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How to ensure your article is featured on LinkedIn Pulse

on September 7, 2015

Let’s start with the why – Why should you publish on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular business tools available today. It has a network that connects over 300 million professionals.

LinkedIn’s publishing platform allows anyone to post content, build a following and be exposed to industry leaders and potential employers.

Publishing an article on LinkedIn is a great way to promote your content and reach out to a wider audience. This is also a great way to keep in touch with your LinkedIn connections, increase your social-media audience and promote your blog to a larger audience.

How do you publish?

It is extremely easy to publish a post on LinkedIn; all you have to do it click the ‘publish a post’ option on your homepage.



Get featured on LinkedIn Pulse

With the high volume of articles being published on LinkedIn and the large audience that consumes these articles, you need to make sure that your article stands out from the rest.

Here are a few ideas that will go a long way towards ensuring that your article stands out on LinkedIn.

  1. Make sure your topic is relatable

This is the first step towards increasing your chances of getting featured. The topic you choose should align with an existing Pulse channel. Your topic should also be relatable to your followers so that you get more views, likes and shares.

  1. LinkedIn’s topic of the month

LinkedIn has a pre-determined topic-of-the-month for their editorial calendar. You could choose to write on that month’s topic and also tweet your article using relevant hashtags.

LinkedIn Pulse

  1. Write quality content

The most important factor in getting your article featured is always going to be – writing really good content. It helps if your readers are inspired or entertained by your article. The stories you write should provide value to your reader and help them grow their skills.

  1. Write a catchy headline

Sometimes the best articles go unnoticed if the title is not catchy enough. Due to the high volume of articles that are available on LinkedIn, you need to do everything you can to get your reader’s attention. Make sure that your article is well written to match your catchy headline so as not to mislead your readers.

  1. Keep your article short

It has been found that most articles featured on LinkedIn Pulse are within 1000 words. This is in contrast to other blogs where it is advisable that you write a more detailed article. Over 70% of articles featured on Pulse are short articles.

Get exposed to LinkedIn’s massive audience, get instantly published and expand your professional network with LinkedIn Pulse.

Learn more about LinkedIn Pulse here.


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