Content Marketing

Content Marketing

There’s no better way to promote visibility for your business than by creating powerful, interesting and engaging content that can impress and attract your target audience. The content marketing process involves crafting highly optimised and relevant content that provides answers to questions that your audience are asking online which then becomes testimony of your product expertise and industry know how. We help in generating well researched content with the aim of driving online conversations and attracting potential leads by effectively using the power of social media to establish thought leadership for your brand.

How does it work ?

Digital Property Analysis

After studying your current digital properties, we will check if your current website / blog-site is upto the stipulated standards required for a good search engine optimized content creation. We will also do an analysis of your current social media channels mainly Facebook & Twitter to check if it is in sync with your brand identity.

Digital Property Setup

If you currently don’t own digital media channels such as a website and/or a blog-site we will help you to setup your own digital media channels that match your brand’s identity. Click here to know more about our Social Web Development service.

Objective Setting & Content Planning

Once your digital properties are in place we will identify your business objective which will help us in developing a content plan based on a thorough keyword research. The next step entails creating a content bank of topics which will then be scheduled to be written over the next few weeks. This content plan will keep getting updated with new topics as required.

Optimised Content Publishing & Seeding.

We will then create a number of highly search engine optimised articles every week by selecting the content topic from the content bank. We will work on your blog to craft the most original, well researched articles that match the pulse of the audience. This would help build a steady stream of loyal readers that would enhance your social engagement and get you a higher ranking on search engines. The above process will help increase your site’s traffic through search and social media platforms.